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Privacy Policy

Protecting your privacy information as private is one of our important jobs at The below information shows you how we collect, use, share and store your privacy information. You must consent to our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Disclaimer, if you continue to use or access, mobile apps (available at or its associated services. This agreement is entered between you and Appsplug Software India Private Limited and made effective on the date of your use of this website. By accessing, browsing, using this website or mobile applications, you agree to accept this Agreement and to be fully bound by its terms.

The term “WE, US, OUR or” used in this context represents Appsplug Software India Private Limited, its owners or representatives; and the term “YOU or YOUR or USER” represents any person who access this website or using mobile application and continue accessing this website or using mobile application. The associated services, mobile applications, text content, images, videos, other graphic content, information, materials, SMS notifications, email notifications, widgets, commerce services and or any part of this website or mobile application collectively referred to as “services". Please refer the below information carefully to know how we collect, use, share and store user's personal information.

At our sole discretion, we reserve the whole rights to make any changes or remove any portion of this privacy policy at any time. You shall be responsible to review the updated privacy policy as amended from time to time. The recent and updated privacy policy agreement can be accessed through the link Your consent is necessary to be bound by the following agreement as amended time to time to continue using this website and its services.

How We Collect Personal Information :

We collect users data through website's user interfaces, mobile app's user interfaces, OAuth 2.0 protocol, direct (necessary) cookies and Google Analytics cookies to measure and analyze how users interact with to improve the quality of service. We never collect any personal information from children under the age of 13. Anyone under the age of 13 who provided any personal information through any one of's interface or email, his/her parent or guardian can ask us to remove the personal information by communicating to

Through Website & Mobile App Interfaces :

Through register form, login form, profile page, contact us form, feedback form or email like many other websites. We collect some of the information such as name, email address, password and designation on your registration; name, date of birth, age, grade and title (designation) on updating your profile information; name, email address, subject line and message details when you communicating us through contact us form, feedback form or email.

Through OAuth 2.0 Protocol :

We also collect user information through OAuth 2.0 protocol. We collect email address, first name and last name through OAuth 2.0 protocol from Google API console and Facebook Login.

Through Necessary Cookies :

Cookie is a small text file which transmitted over the network to be stored on your computer web browser that you use to access this website. uses its own website cookies which is also known as's necessary cookies to provide better user experience within the website and to make this website available for users to enjoy its complete features. This necessary cookies of are used to start the PHP session, store privacy policy consent status, set your session, store your preference on this website and send browser tab or window close notification.

Through Third Party Cookies :

We use Google Analytics as a third party service to measure and analyze the users on this website. The cookies of our partner service Google Analytics collects anonymous information such as Operating System Name, Device, language, Web Browser Name, IP Address, ISP Provider, Demographic, Referring Sites, Entry Page, Exit Page, Pages you visited, Time Spent, Traffic Sources, Conversions, Engagement, Visiting Frequency, Network, Referrals, Search Queries and Marketing Campaigns through Google Analytics cookies. We collect IP address in the masked IP Address format from users of EU region and complete IP address with no masking for rest of the world. All these information is aggregate and anonymous only.

How We Use, Share & Protect your Personal Information :
How We Use your Information :

The user information that we collect through user login and registration form comprises the email address and password shall be used to authorize the right person to login to corresponding user account. It stops unauthorized person enter into your account. Therefore, it is your responsibility too to keep your user account's login credentials safe, secured and up to date. We use your email address to communicate you to notify your account activities to keep your account safe, secured and not used by any unauthorized person.

The user information that we collect through OAuth 2.0 protocol for authentication shall be used to authorize the user to login to his or her corresponding user accounts. We shall use this information to notify your registration status and alerts to keep your user account safe and secured with We may use this information to communicate you to answer your support queries, product announcements or any that that we decide communicating you to be more appropriate.

All the payments for our different subscription plans is processed by our third party service provider RazorPay. We only share your name, email address and the preferred subscription plan to RazorPay to process your payment. Therefore, you please read their (RazorPay) terms of service and privacy policy to know more about their terms and conditions, and how RazorPay is handling your personal data.

The user information that we collect through profile page shall be used to notify you including but not limited to product update, announcements, news, events or any product and service level activities happening with or its associated services, if you opt-in for such notification services.

The user information that we collect through contact us form, feedback form and email shall be used to communicate back to you for your support queries or we decide communicating you for query is appropriate.

The information that we collect through Google Analytics cookies shall be used by us or our partner service Google Analytics to analyze and measure your behavior around this website to improve the quality of We disclose such information to GOOGLE for this intended purpose only. We use this information to improve the quality of our service and such information to anyone else except our partner services. We reveal such information if it required by Law.

Where We Store your Personal Information :
Data Collected through Email, Mobile App &'s Interfaces :'s servers are located in US. All your private data that we collected through email, contact us form, feedback form or any other interfaces of and its associated services stored (in an encrypted format) at our US servers and such informations stored at our servers permanently unless you ask us to remove your data. All the data is encrypted and transmitted via secured socket layer (SSL) connections only. You can also delete your personal data by deleting your account. Your account get deleted immediately or in next 7 days, if you raise delete request from your user account with

Data Collected through Google Analytics Cookies :

All the data collected by using our partner service Google Analytics shall be stored at the respective data centers of Google for 26 months, after this period your data gets deleted automatically.

How to Control Cookies :

You can choose to accept or decline website cookies. You can customize your browser setting to decline the cookies, if you prefer. You can't be able enjoy the full features of this website, if you decline the cookies. If you do not wish Google Analytics cookies to use your behavior data within or around this website, you can use this Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on to prevent Google Analytics JavaScript (ga.js, analytics.js, dc.js) or Google Analytics track your behavior within and around this website. Alternatively, you can also use private browsing, private mode or incognito mode to avoid such cookies stored in your web browser.

You can also clear the partial or entire data of cookies stored on your web browser. The below is the web browser specific cookie information to learn how to delete or control the cookies effectively for your private information.

for Google Chrome

for Mozilla Firefox

for Apple Safari

for iPhone

COOKIES Information
Essential Cookies :

The below is the essential cookies for to provide you better user experience within this website while your usage. By disabling these below necessary or essential cookies you may not be able to enjoy part or full intended service or functionality of this website.

  1. PHPSESSID cookie to start a user session when you initiate the access to This cookie is set by the's web server.
  2. cookie_consent cookie to your store consented date.
Cookies of Partner Services :

Our partner service Google Analytics to measure and analyze our users around this website. The below are the cookies that our partner service is using with

_gat_gtag_UA-133199840-1, _ga and _gid cookies collectively used by Google Analytics to collect & store anonymous information about your behavior within or around

By using or any of its associated services, you agree to this privacy policy, terms of use and disclaimer. At our sole discretion, we have the complete right to update this privacy policy by time to time, if required. Therefore, it's your responsibility to periodically review this privacy policy, terms of use and disclaimer to ensure your compliance with this agreement.

If you have any queries, comments or concerns regarding privacy policy agreement, please write us the email to


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